Friday, June 30, 2006

HB Ride Spotting: 2007 Chrysler Sebring (a nice Reliant automobile)

Look, I didn't want to post this. It's not that special, it's already been announced, there's even a web page for it. But since the picture I took is substantially better looking than the (expensive) promotional shots on the web site (and Chrysler, I am willing to be compensated), here you go. Love it, ignore it, whatever. Behold the majesty that is the 2007 Chrysler Sebring, on the street early.

A car that's almost available would barely be worth posting, except for the fact that I can't even go out to dinner without being accosted by some preproduction Chrysler product. I went back through the archive and there was that minivan at the beginning of this month, the Compass and Nitro at the end of March, the Charger in March of 2005, and the 300 SRT-8 in January 2005. Even Lauren saw that 4-door Wrangler this past spring.

So there you have it - right place, right time, or uncompensated Chrysler PR flack? You might think the latter, unless you knew about my Jeep's fuel economy (here's a hint: it's terrible). Which still won't stop me from at least looking at the 4-door Wrangler when my lease is up next year, because open tops excuse plenty. I do remain convinced that it's great to live in Detroit, where at least you get to see this stuff early, and then complain about why the tailfins are too low.

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