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Hiya! I'm Lauren from How Bourgeois. I'm so happy that you've stopped by!
 That's my husband Jon up there, he also pops in to blog sometimes too. (Yep, Jon has two colored eyes. A green one and a brown one!)  In between us is our sweet son Noah. He's eight. We live outside of Detroit in a little, old civil-war era home. It's my dream house, that started out as a big, huge fixer-upper with an over-grown secret garden in the back!

I love cats, crocheting, cooking, coffee and chocolate. I bump into things a lot and only read non-fiction. I'm a big INTROVERT, but I'm not shy.  And I absolutely CAN NOT pass up a quaint old-timey bell jar pin on Pinterest. In some ways, I guess you could say that I'm a cliche', (you know, cat-loving, coffee drinking, introvert blogger) but I think the cliches stop there. 

I'm a Mom, who at first just thought that Moms just did what Moms were expected to do! But I quickly realized that we actually do have more choices than we might have thought. For example, you can trade in the station wagon for a Mini Cooper with six-on-the-floor. You can choose to have less than 2.2 children, and really, is ok. You can sell your house in a hum-drum suburban neighborhood, for something a little less conventional in the middle of a small downtown, and you'll all be FINE!
When done with thought and consideration, sometimes making new types of choices can be great!
I'm here to share those choices, and also a whole bunch that seem as normal and bland as a bowl of oatmeal.

So, if you've ever been like me, the vaguely awkward, nerdy one, who kind of walks to the beat of their own drum, then pull up a chair!  I hope through sharing, we can all learn to navigate this brilliantly amazing life a little easier, TOGETHER! 
Lauren :)