Nice to Meet Ya!

Hi, I'm Lauren from How Bourgeois. I'm so happy that you've stopped by! \(^-^)/

I'm just half of the original "How Bourgeois Team." My husband Jon and I started this blog in early 2005 to keep far away family and friends up to date on our new baby boy Noah! Now our "baby" is a big ten-years-old, and Jon only stops by to write occasionally. We live outside of Detroit in a little, old civil-war era home, right in the middle of a fun and vibrant small city. It's our dream house, that started out as a huge fixer-upper project with an over-grown secret garden in the back.

Jon, Noah and I share our cozy home with our two rescue cats Hector and Willow, and our eight-month-old Petite Goldendoodle puppy, Josie!

Many of you have found How Bourgeois while searching for information on going gray! I'm a proud "preemie" in gray-hair terms.  Premature graying tends to run on my Dad's side of the family, so it wasn't surprising to find some grays during my early 20's. After ten years of coloring my hair, a uneasy feeling about the chemicals used in dye, and most of all, worsening allergic reactions,  I finally decided to stop and just let my natural color grow! It's been quite an amazing 4+ year journey and I love sharing it with all of YOU! You can find all of my gray-hair related posts by clicking HERE. They're also under the tab heading at the top of my home page labeled: "Going Gray? HOORAY!

I enjoy writing and like to post about everyday life around the How Bourgeois house. Some of the other things that I love to write about are self-care for your body, mind and soul, hair, make-up and clothing posts, cooking and baking, crafting, crocheting, birding and last but not least, women's issues and simply what just happened to be on my mind. PHEW! 

So welcome. I'm very glad that you're here!

(Thanks for the great vintage clipart Free Pretty Things!)

Some posts on How Bourgeois will have Amazon "affiliated links" to products that I personally love and use and want share. I've signed up for Amazon's affiliate program. This means, should you happen to interact with my product links (HONESTLY, ZERO PRESSURE TO DO SO) and purchase that specific product or any other product on Amazon in the following 24 hours, I will receive a small percentage of Amazon's profit as my "referral fee."

The reason that I am doing this is because the blog is my heart and soul, but it has also become like a mini-part-time job over the past ten years, outside of my regular housewife and Mom work. As How Bourgeois has grown in its following and on some of my social media sites, I am spending quite a larger chunk of time trying to compose posts, reply to every email and comment and tending to my social media.  I'm trying Amazon's referral program because I want to keep blogging rather than having to take time away to find other ways to pitch-in, and to justify the time I'd like to put into How Bourgeois!

Here is my promise to you. I promise to never ever EVER link to or promote a product that I do not personally believe in and recommend from experience. Any time that I use an Amazon affiliated link, it will always be organically used, something I want to tell you about, not merely a random product placement. You have my word that I will ALWAYS be upfront and honest with you and will ALWAYS let you know ahead of time when a post has an affiliated link. Integrity and transparency and respect are top on my list, and I wouldn't want it any other way both in my life and on this blog.

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