Tuesday, June 06, 2006

HB Ride Spotting: People Carriers Rejoice (2008 Dodge Caravan)

What can I say about this car? It's a 2008 Dodge Caravan. The most exciting thing about these pictures was taking them, because it truly pissed-off the test drivers who stopped to fill it up.

My first car was a 1986 Dodge Caravan, and oddly I still emerged from my teenage years with some self-esteem, probably because I plastered it with "Bad Religion" stickers and drove it like a Ferrari. Oddly, it was the electrical system that gave out, not the transmission/axles/engine/steering column/suspension/rear crank vents, so my shitty driving went undetected. It was a great car.

Time will tell if this is a great car too, although in my thinking the last of the great Caravans was the turbo of the late eighties. "Hemi Caravan" has a nice ring, although I won't hold my breath. That's one that would get me out of my Jeep.


Bree said...

I never thought ANYTHING would get me out of my Jeep, until we had more kids...I get really jealous of David driving MY Jeep around now. :(

Judy said...

No comparison - no Jeep is worth a Dodge Caravan!

J.R.W. said...
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J.R.W. said...

I love your "spy" photos. The only other place that I have seen photos like this is in Car and Driver's "Spy" section. Usually they're pointing out the latest test model BMW or Mercedes though. I like you grabs because the photos are of the more accessible vehicles.

Keep up the good work.