Sunday, October 04, 2015

A New Gray Hair Book! Susan Paget's "Gray Hair Adventure: Things I Learned About Life When I Stopped Dyeing My Hair!

Dear Silver Sisters, 

Have I ever told you about my friend and fellow silver sister Susan Paget, A.K.A. The Change Guru!? 

I met the wonderful Sue several years ago when she approached me about a gray hair interview for a podcast. Since then I've been hooked on her humorous but calm and reassuring approach to helping and inspiring women as they grow and change throughout life. I love Sue! Please take a peek at her website and Youtube page or join her warm and welcoming Facebook page if you haven't already. I'm truly sharing this recommendation from my heart, Susan's positivity and guidance has helped me personally and think you will love her encouragement too. 

Susan embarked on her our gray-hair-growout journey and enthusiastically shared all the ups and downs and observation and tips with the world. I loved watching her blog updates, Sue has beautiful hair and she always makes me laugh. I come away feeling upbeat and encouraged! :)

I was thrilled to recently hear that Sue has written a book about her experience! And not only that, but she kindly sent me a copy to read and.....I was AMAZED and HONORED to hear that she mentioned How Bourgeois in her book!!! (See, that's just how nice Susan is). 

I just had to share and tell all of you. The book is called - Gray Hair Adventure: Things I Learned About Life When I Stopped Dyeing My Hair and it has just launched!  (Just so you know, I am not being paid to advertise Sue's book, I really just think you'd like it).
For the month of October, a kindle version is available for just 99 cents on Amazon, and if  you prefer, the paperback is priced at only $11.99.

Here's a little book trailer that Susan made. It can tell you a bit more. 
Everybody, meet your Change Guru!!!

For the sake of total disclosure, I have not been able to complete the book yet, but I know it's such a helpful and uplifting memoir and I wanted to share with you instead of waiting. Some of my sweet readers have written to me when they noticed that I haven't been around much this past month. (Also the reason that I haven't had time to complete Sue's book). Everyone is doing well, but a little over a month ago, my schedule suddenly flipped on it's head and now I am busy Monday through Friday without the time I used to have to blog. I can go more into it at a later time, but everybody is ok. I'm hoping to get back to a normal schedule asap! :) Until then, I miss you and please consider this wonderful, wonderful book. It's when we share our stories that we find strength and joy along the way.

Until next time!
Lauren :)

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

A Peaceful and Happy Summer

Friends, Romans, country ladies, lend me your ears......

I am coming to you today from my backyard. Purchasing new outdoor pillows to replace our old, moldy, chipmunk-eaten outdoor pillows was the best decision I have ever made. Today marks day one of the new school year and I hope to spend a lot more time here, on this wicker love-seat, underneath the wisteria-vine covered pergola. With Josie, trying to type for a few, but also involved in an intense game of soggy tennis ball toss. 

(This is where I'm typing from)!

This morning I have already exercised, gotten cleaned up and ready for the day, helped a brand new FIFTH GRADER and his Dad get out the door, folded laundry, cleaned the kitchen, AND went out for a few groceries, toiletries and gym shoes for school. WOOT! Give it up for Mom! Apparently on her game today! (I hope I can keep this productivity up).

So while that was all awesome and great, now the lure of scrambled eggs for lunch is almost too much for me, so I'll be a woman of few(er) words than usual today. Here's an abridged wrap-up of the second half of our summer. It was truly a nice one, but I am looking forward more than I can say for fall and cooler temperatures. Here, this week, we'll be hovering around 90 degrees each day. And Noah's excited for fall too! It made me incredibly happy to see him so happy when he smiled and gladly went back to school today. Noah told me that he couldn't wait to hug his teachers and friends.

This summer, in a nut shell, was pretty quiet. That's a good thing! Noah took a ceramics class and did some day camp. We swam and relaxed and went to the park and visited with friends. It was peaceful and nice.

It was a very dog-dominated summer in a way. We were either walking with the dog, letting the dog out, telling her to stop barking or snuggling. She's extra good at snuggling. 

The largest bit of commotion came in the form of our deck being ripped off and then re-built! When Jon and I bought our house, it was in need of much TLC, inside and out. We needed to gut the inside, and re-side and paint and roof the outside. One of the only projects that we didn't do was replace our  rotting deck. It was a good, old deck, but weather and wear eventually made it time. Well, when our feet started going through a few rotted out boards, it was really time!

We'd been saving up and planning to do this for a while. We decided to do the deck and the backyard all in one sweep. This is the new cedar deck, it smells SO GOOD! 

We had to replace our retractable awing and patio umbrella as well. I have to tell you, for those of you who have sunlight that really streams in and heats up your house in the summertime, these retractable awnings are really amazing at keeping the temperature down when you want it. At first I was unsure of the awning that came with our house, but I quickly understood how helpful it can be!

Also, I found outdoor pillows for the deck furniture, the chaise lounges and the seating area underneath the pergola, all about 1/2-off on Amazon! 

Jon and I spent two, full, long days out in the yard, trying to weed and prune, wash and paint. Basically, attempting to fix the back up! We washed all of our furniture with scrub brushes and soap. Jon painted our patio set and a little bench that I've had and stained the chaise lounges.

(I need to do something with this corner...)

(Come sit and read!)

My favorite part was weeding and clearing our little pebble path and trimming the dead branches off all of the trees and bushes. That was fun! Now our "secret garden" is looking a little bit tidier, but there's always more to do.

We took part in a deal to join a local swim club for the month of August. We belonged when I was a kid, and this very same cement dolphin was there! And I was in love with him!

Each time we went, I'd have these grand plans to relax poolside with a magazine or book and my crochet. And each time, I'd last about ten minutes before the heat got to me and I would jump in.

Speaking of crochet, I whipped up the world's easiest little cardigan and the pattern was FREE!!! I made mine a cropped cardigan and I chose not to make the sleeves long. I need to get a picture, but in the end, I sewed on an acorn and some oak leaf appliques. You can watch the video with free patter from Wooly Wonders Crochet HERE!

For my September window decorations, I went with a school and apples theme.

I put them up today! They came out nicely if I say so myself! I'll put up some pictures of them in the fall decorations post I'd like to write. The jug of cider and donuts is from a much beloved, little cider mill around here. 

This summer I got glasses!!! I began wearing glasses at age three. Over time my eyesight became stronger until I had 20/20 vision in my 20's. Now though, I'm getting a little far-sighted again. I was hesitant about wearing glasses, but I'm glad that I got my eyes checked, and just like gray hair, glasses can be something fun and expressive about yourself too!

Another thing that happened is that we went up north! "Up north" is what we Michiganders call northern Michigan, a place where many of us vacation on the great lakes or various inland waters. There are sandy beaches and lots of pine trees. My father lives quite far up north on a bay of Lake Michigan. My Mother vacations at a nice lake in the woods, about three and a half hours north of where we live.

In August, Jon and I packed up the car, the Noah and the Josie, and we headed up north. The cats stayed home with our new cat sitter. (It was hard to leave them, but I'm glad we actually got away). Noah was very prepared for vacation in his Hawaiian shirt and ukulele.....?
Josie was strapped into her doggy car seat and she did so well all the way there and back. She just slept!

Our bedroom opened onto this screened in porch, that opens up onto a deck with the lake below. It was extra pretty in the morning and we even heard the calls of the Loons! It's just like On Golden Pond.

There were bonfires and boating, a walk around the lake, cooking, reading, spending time with friends and skipping rocks. It was such a nice time and such a nice summer!

Until next time, enjoy these warm end of summer days!!!
Lauren :)