Sunday, September 22, 2013


This was a really relaxing, low-key weekend, and I could not have asked for nicer fall weather.
On Saturday morning we walked around an art fair that was set up in the middle of town. It was only in the low to mid 60's and quite windy! I had to come up with yet another transitional outfit. I think when the temps go down to 50 degrees, THEN it starts getting much easier to dress fall-like and not become over heated.

Anyway, on Friday night, after we came home, I decided to hem one of my new Boden dresses. I've been hemming by hand because my sewing machine is really acting up. The dress that I shortened is the Edie Dress. I've written about it earlier because the Edie dress was the first piece of clothing that I purchased for the fall last month. It's just been sitting in our closet, waiting for cool enough weather!

I love this dress. It's sooo comfortable and soft, and the shape is flattering. The ONLY problem is, it's TOO LOW-CUT! It was driving me nuts, even after I put a stitch at the neckline to try and make it higher.

So, my solution was to put a white, lace trimmed tank top from Target underneath. It makes the outfit more casual looking and not so low-cut! I think without the tank top and perhaps some high-heeled boots, the Edie Dress could make a nice going-out outfit too!

I threw on my usual boots and bag, and a pair of wine colored tights to match the dress's floral print, and we were ready to go!

The art fair was interesting. There was such a variety! The best part though, we ran into one of my oldest friends, Molly. I haven't see Molly in several years! It was so good to see each other. :)
We recently reconnected on Facebook and had been texting about catching up soon.
She likes my latte' art photos, so maybe that's where I'll take her!

This was my latte' from Saturday. After the art fair, Noah and Jon just wanted to relax around home. It was soooo nice out though, I just wanted to be outside. So, I took a walk to the coffee shop. I think because Noah and Jon are away from home all week, they like being home on the weekends. The opposite is USUALLY true for me. I'm home most of the week, so on the weekends, I just want to go out!

Saturday also included a game of catch in the yard....

And a bike ride to the library for some videos. This is kind of dorky, but I picked out 
When Harry Met Sally. I've never seen it! 
The reason that I chose it, is because I saw THIS post on the TOP TEN FALL MOVIES  earlier in the day on the Huffington Post ! So yeah, When Harry Met Sally was at the top of the list. I haven't watched it yet, but I will!

One thing that our town has, is a lot of outdoor dining. As yesterday was the last official day of summer, I felt a little sad to see the outdoor dining going soon. I love this place because at night, their strings of lights look so pretty.

I like the ginkgo leaf grates that surround the trees in our city too.

This was bit extreme, but so much fun. Jon doesn't love pizza. Which, was always kind of a bummer, but nooooooow, we've found a new place (to us) that has FANTASTIC pizza that even Jon can love! It's thin crust, not greasy at all, and everything is super fresh. This was their "sampler" pizza, made from their four different kinds. Everything was delicious and this big pizza fed all of us for two meals.

This morning we got up nice and early and headed to the farmer's market with our wonderful next door neighbor. The farmer's market is such a great thing to have around, and it's just a few blocks from our house! 

We purchased some fresh corn. It was amazing!!!! We also came home with beets, carrots, eggplants and green beans. Oh and garlic too!

Noah had a fresh roasted ear of corn hot off the roaster!

Incredible flowers were everywhere too.

Tonight at dinner we had the beets and the green beans. I can't wait for the eggplant next!

I love sweet, little tomatoes. So delicious.

Oh and the pumpkins and squash.... we're fully into fall people!!!! 

More beautiful flowers.

This is our local hot dog truck/grill on wheels.  Cute, huh!? The farmer's market also had a food truck and stalls that sell artisan pasta, pestos, salsa, organic meats and seafood. They really have it all!

French bakery stall. 

And Noah's favorite.... caramel corn.

After the farmer's market I finished up my grocery shopping for the week. I also ironed for Noah, Jon and I for the next five days. Then, I mowed and raked the front lawn.
Meanwhile, Jon made a brisket for he and Noah. I got tempeh. He also roasted the beets from the farmer's market and made the green beans and corn too. It was a great dinner!

And to cap off a nice weekend, I took a great evening walk. It was so wonderful and amazing that on the very first day of fall, it suddenly smelled like burning leaves and fires in the fireplace. It was THE BEST!



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