Friday, December 21, 2012

Just the Backlog, not the Back Backlog

Now that I look at some of these pictures, I'm wrong! These aren't too recent, they just might be the backlog backlog after all. At any rate, here is a little bit more of what we've been up to, and THEN I can start with some more recent happening! :)

Do you LOVE Trader Joe's like we do? It really really really is the best. Trader Joe's makes grocery shopping fun. I absolutely love their sense of humor in everything from the house brand packaging, to their circular, the Fearless Flyer, to the big ship bells that the cashiers ring for assistence. Everyone smiles and are so helpful. And, I think that I have loved almost every single house brand product that we've tried! Really, if you have one in your area, go check them out. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

I just like this picture because of the expression on Willow's face. This is what she really thinks of me. Especially when I'm like: "One more.....just one more photo booth picture together........pleeeeeease".

Paul got married! Congrats to Paul and lovely Farah. Jon and Noah were in the wedding too!

My favorite Instagram from Halloween. What do you think about the recent changes at Instagram? Jon left, I haven't yet. I've heard that they are going to re-write their policy and will be more specific next time around. Thoughts?

Candy haul.

I made these wool needle felted,  "Season Gnomes" for Noah. He wasn't really interested, but the cats won't leave them alone! Poor Season Gnomes are all fishy now.

For Jon's 35th birthday, we met Lady & Zayde in Ann Arbor at Zingerman's Roadhouse.
It was faaaaaaantastic! The food was great, as was the service. The company too! :)

Gramps came into town and surprised Noah after school one day.

Noah's birthday morning.  I can't believe that he's 8!

For the past three years, Noah has chosen not to have a birthday party. It's ok with me. He always just prefers to invite one or two special friends over to play and have dinner with. This is the dinner that he chose:  steak, mash potatoes and broccoli!

You know you have an awesome Nana when...... she designs her own multi-page Minecraft Birthday card! It was truly epic. Truly.

When he was four, Noah decided that he was allergic to frosting and has not eaten it since. So, I had to figure out how to make an ice cream cake. Here is what I came up with...complete with paper igloo and penguins for decoration.

Willow waiting for Thanksgiving to start.

I just had to take a picture of this one. 
Can you say Pinterest FAIL!!!!

Yeah, I was really going for THIS.  Hahahahaha

Noah asked me to crochet him some "Yellow lightening thrower mittens with green wrists". Ok.....

And speaking of crochet, he also asked for a Christmas elf hat. So I made one.

I guess it's big enough to wear for years to come! How lucky for him! Kind of. Not really.  ;)

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