Tuesday, October 02, 2012

HB Presents: A Song that I Like

The other day I was walking around Anthropologie ,clutching a gift card in my hand, holding onto it for dear life. I've been obsessing over this card since June. Afraid to spend it, spend it on the wrong thing, spend it and see it go. Last year I was given a gift card to Anthro that took more than six months to use up.

I'm not a great shopper. I don't love spending money, and I do this endless back-and-forth in my head about quality and function vs. cost. I'm very indecisive.

By the time I left the store empty handed, (Gift card safely unspent and in my purse.) I had a love for a shirt that I  could not bring myself to buy, and new song running through my head.

The song is called "Zorbing" and it's by the British band Stornoway.  Don't laugh, at first, I thought I was hearing Nico from the Velvet Underground playing over Anthropologie's speakers. So, I made my way over to the checkout counter to see what was up.

They reminded me a little tiny bit of Fleet Foxes for a moment, and even like chanting monks,  but mostly Stornoway is a pretty unique sound unto themselves. Happy Listening!


Guatemama2000 said...

I love that song! And so did Cosette! She kept looking at the screen & doing the cute head cock thing that doggies do. :o)

And, I think your style is amazing! I saw the cutest swimsuit today & thought, "That is SO Lauren!"

Lauren said...

You are the best Valerie! :)
I'm glad that you and Cosette liked it! I wish I saw her listen.

Thank you, but the "style" is just trial and error. LOL.

I miss you!

Lindsay Collins said...

I am the exact same way with money & gift cards. I just didn't realize it until I saw you write it out in plain English in this post.

You should totally go back and buy the shirt :)

Lauren said...

Hi Lindsay!

Thanks for the comment. LOL. You do the same thing too!? :)

Ugh, we should go shopping together and convince each other to use the gift cards!

Thanks, maybe I will just go buy that shirt now! :)