Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's Doing?

A whole bunch of this and that.........

Having my Dad over

 Sewing an old-tyme-y looking tote bag to match the old tyme-y skirt that I made.

 Crocheting a pumpkin hat that he really likes.

Going gluten-free, AGAIN. And feeling better. Almond milk, pear, cucumber, tomatoes, basil, mozzarella and GF bread.

Knocking my head against the wall, trying to figure out what to do with this wacky room. We were asked to be on a house walk!

Planting basil in jam jars.

 Driving around with basil in my cup holder.

Crocheting my most successful project yet and forgetting to take any pictures except ONE!  Gosh.
A princess crown with flowers, leaves and gems for Sadie.

 Baking blueberry pies that look like a bio-hazard !

Forcing my vegetarian self to get some protein. I couldn't bring myself to eat fish, so I used all the will I had to tackle some scallops.

Painting pottery penguins. Say that three time quickly.

Dreaming at the baseball field. Go Tigers!

Checking out a new little playground with a view.

Using The Pioneer Woman's Iced Coffee recipe (cold brewing!) and LOVING IT .

 Arranging my shelves some more.

As he puts it, "Walking classing style".

Being given my Grandfather's "Lucky Hat", with all it's pins. Each one, an amazing tall (or is it?) tale.

                                            Re-doing the mini-pool. AGAIN! Ugh.

Now with a new plaster-quartz surface and pretty tiles. BUT... the water is tan.  TAN! 
NOT the soft ocean-look blue-green we were going for. The tan surface + reflection of the blue sky is supposed to = green-blue. Turns out the mini pool is too shallow and mini. Boo. 
This little thing that came with the house is a real money pit. On the bright side, at least it's not leaking anymore! :)

Ok, now I'm exhausted. Time for a nap.


Judy said...

I have an idea for that wacky room! Can you replicate the wall in the painting artwork on an opposing wall and try to replicate the entire print??? That would be AMAZING!!!!

Lauren said...

Ah, Judy, I love it! Thanks! :)
My Mom painted that. So maybe, you're saying, she could paint on the same "wallpaper" on an opposing wall? So funny. I think she should! I need a new rug though. The colors in this room are all mis-matched. Thanks Judy! xoxoxoxoxo