Monday, May 07, 2012

Going Ons

Sometimes, when quite a bit of time has passed, with a lot of things going on, it's just easier to talk about it in pictures.......

Two Saturday nights ago, we had the most totally bizarre and completely amazing night ever. We went out with our good friends and their three children to listen to some live soul/rock music, in the old and dank basement of The Ann Arbor Elks Lodge. 

A big, dark house, perched on top of a hill. Down some decrepit stairs, past an antiquated bar surrounded by the Elk regulars. A tiny dance floor and long, dimly lit corridors of booths. At first I was like, we brought the kids where?

UNTIL. The music started. Omg, the MUSIC!

It was FANTASTIC live music. The band's name is F.U.B.A.R. They were great. Made up of really cool, middle-aged university professors and doctors. Something like that. Smart music. Good music. It was fun to dance to. A lot of funky 60's, songs with messages, songs that make you move. The lead singer Sophia's voice is wonderful, and the musicians were happy to chat and field questions from the kids.

But THEN, to make it all the more nonsensical of a night..........

Ok, so there's this little pop-up restaurant in the Elk's kitchen, right above the basement club. It's called the "Elks Neighborhood Kitchen" and Oh.My.God. It is, DELICIOUS. It's all fresh, homemade SOUL FOOD! Amazing! Amazing! Soul food and soulful live music.

Between Jon and Noah and I, and our friends, we managed to order up heaping plates of the best juicy juicy ribs and crispy fried chicken Jon has ever tasted. I'm a vegetarian, so I had to pass, but I could see this stuff was great because all the meat lovin' adults and kids oohed and ahhhed over the stuff. There is also fried catfish. Glub glub.

One of the two cooks/waiters also brought us mounds of the best seasoned fries you will ever taste. Fresh and crinkled cut. There was my fav. collard greens. Soft and flavorful. The red beans and rice and the Mac N' Cheese...yum! And finally, we all loved the cornbread muffins with extra maple butter. Truly incredible.  :)

We even went back the following weekend, this past weekend. Our friend's band The Van Allen Belt was playing with Charlie Slick and preciseHero.
*blink. blink. blink*  What just happened? Musical genius. That's what. More later.
Hello. I am a kitchen from the 1870's.

The kid is ready to mulch.

Keeping with the theme of being old-tyme-y and precious, we just had to buy a little red push mower.

I am re-thinking what dinner means. I asked myself, does it have to be a traditional meal? Or could it be the most simple of simple ingredients? Because Noah never ever ever ever eats anything I make for dinner in normal recipe form. Almost never. I can't just feed him a casserole or a sandwich or pasta with sauce. He gags when something has more than one texture, or lots of things are mixed in. Who knows. It makes me nuts, but all we can do is try to offer him food to try, over and over. 
Noah went in for a height and weight check. He was slowing down on his growth curve, but then luckily, he grew a 1/4" in the last 3 months, so that's good! Now he's 48lbs. and 42 &1/4". I was hoping to get an OT script, but the PA that we saw at his weight and height check said that she doesn't care what he eats, as long as he's getting in protein and healthy foods, she's ok with the eating habits. Noah lives off of  eggs and yogurt, pasta, chicken, cheese, broccoli, apple-carrot sauce and many fruits. I think he's fine. Maybe he'll out grow all of this. I hope so. I bet so.
I tried this simple dinner. He ate......Yogurt drink yes, pasta yes. The rest- not really. We must not be related.
I'll stick with this simple stuff, but the kid doesn't know what he's missing.

Hector doing the splits, or some kind of oddly gymnastic-ish move on our new duvet cover. That he loves. I don't know why. I mean, he's blind, he can't even see the print, but somehow, he loves the new duvet. Thank you Ikea, for some more cheap but awesome.
xoxo *meow xoxo

mid-19th century wallpaper gets me excited!

He's all: "How the hell did I convince them to fork out the cash for the Model T ride this time?"

Because Noah, you finally posed for me with the sheep, and let me put that precious old tyme-y bandanna on you.

Mulch. A lot of it.

They say that dogs are man's best friend, but I think cats are boy's best friend.

I made this  old-tyme-y floral thing.

I made these cake pops that nobody ate.

Waiting for his morning brew.

I ended up posting these earlier, but just so you know, I made these old tyme-y clothing pieces.

Y'all come back now, you hear!

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