Thursday, May 03, 2012

It Has Come to My Attention.....

That I would like to start a new series called "It Has Come to My Attention".

*It is with sound mind and great discretion that I suggest dear friends, that upon being moved to do so, you should feel utter confidence to direct your inquiries  and/or grievances in Letters to Mr. Knightley. Sweet, dear, compassionate Mr. Knightley. He shall correspond in a timely manor, with nothing but the wisest of wise remarks. A man of true guild. Where would I be without Mr. Knightley's guidance? Perhaps partially clothed under an apple tree, in a most un-respectable man's orchard.

*I know that many of you might have seen the following video by now, but it's so wonderful and amazing that I just had to pass it along. Please, please, please, it's totally worth the six minutes in your life. 


Old Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era

*And just look at this gorgeous color chart made from water colors or guache from I Love Charts.


Loving this handmade grid of gorgeous hybrid colors.(via) 

And now for something awesome:

*A real time WIND MAP !!!!!!
so windy!

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