Monday, January 11, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened the Other Day......

It was ironic, after writing my last post, a piece all about Noah not wanting to cut his hair, that I found myself meandering over to Sweet Juniper!  only to find an entry on the miniest of sweet junipers getting a hair cut.  

Sweet Juniper! Is one of my very favorite blogs, full of beautifully crafted posts on life in Detroit, parenting and other great and creative topics and projects, including Dutch's awesome children's books.  I am also a big fan of Wood's section "Woodcraft", equally as mesmerizing, equally as well crafted. They are both masters. 

Anyway, I came across THIS post. Where little brother is having a homemade haircut. Noah took one look at his lollipop, one look at the photo of big sister Juniper herself, (somebody he does admires very much),  and unexpectedly says: "Mom, I want a haircut too!"  "Can I have one today?"

WHAT? You want a WHAT? All of these years, all of this time, my haircut shunning child kid wants a haircut!  "Sure" I say, both shocked and unprepared.  That's all it took? A photo of some candy and the street cred. of being Sweet Juniper's brother? It was awesome.
So, we watch the embedded video, a short instructional piece on home hair cutting, and I went to work. Noah sat and ate his candy cane, and I had a blast chopping away.  It was one of the best Saturday nights in a long time.

So thanks Junpiers, for making haircuts cool again.

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Laura said...

Amazing what "does it" for kids sometimes. His new hair cut looks great. :o)