Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I Didn't Know That!

Two things that I learned on the radio this week:

A.)That many men in Metro-Detroit wax and/or shave their entire body. It's a thing, it's an "in" thing right now. I will look for guys without leg hair this summer.

B.) That more and more kinds of animals are being trained to preform as "service Animals" for people with disabilities, instead of the standard dog. Animals like ponies, monkeys and ferrets. Also, if you are dealing with mental health issues, like anxiety, you can also be eligible for a service animal. I would have a panic pony or a worry weasel. (Ok, sorry, I shouldn't joke. But I bet a pet buddy would help me to be less anxious. )


Jeremy said...

You've never heard of "manscaping"?!

At least once a month, I do this - either waxing or shaving my back, my neck, and running a beard trimmer over any excess body hair I have.

I hate being hairy, and I always feel more comfortable when I clean up the hairiest of bits.

Lauren said...

Oh my gosh, that's right. I heard somewhere that you are a professional "manscaper". Next month, let me come over and watch you wax your back. This should be good.

Oh, and your comment on my Chanukah post. So funny, I was cracking up. Then Aimee told me you were serious. Awesome.

Thanks Jeremy!

Jeremy said...

See, I'm not completely full of B.S.!!

In the winter months, my hair tends to grow in a little slower - I would expect the next "session" to be in February sometime.

Maybe I'll let Aimee take a video of it to share with everyone... or not.