Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Close Shave

We are so happy, Noah finally decided that he enjoys reading again. Last spring his teacher asked Noah to read for his class, and for some reason it embarrassed him. Since then Noah has really protested reading. We decided not to push it, and knew that he would willingly read again in his own time.Two days ago, I picked this Thomas book up at the library. I gave it to Noah, he opened it up and all of the sudden, to my surprise...he began to read the book out loud! Not only that, but it seems that he must have been reading to himself all along, he's really come along. Noah was so proud of reading his new book tonight and asked me to tape it and put it up so his grandparents can see. What a surprise to me. Good job Noah!

For a better quality video, see HERE.
* In Noah's defense, I was just asked if he had merely memorized the book and was reading from memory. Really, I only got this book two days ago. He read through it himself right away.


Kendra Lynn said...

That kid is amazing! He reads better than Merry does, and she's in first grade!


sharon said...

so amazing and adorable. i love him!