Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not Hiding, Just busy, busy, BUSY

I've had this reoccurring nightmare, my whole life. I'm a kid living in my parent's old house on Pilgrim street and I decide to go down the basement to play. When I get to the bottom of the stairs.... (insert blood curdling scream here) AHHHHHH....the whole place is teaming with live and DEAD rodents!!! That's when I realize to my great horror, that I've forgotten about my pet gerbils who live down there. Forgotten to feed them for years on end. The first generation of gerb dead under my neglect, and now I have stumbled upon five generations more. For some reason, each time, my nightmare includes a wider number of varmints; gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs and squirrels have walked on set in new roles. It's pretty disturbing I tell you.

Part of this dream is true, I have been the proud owner of quite a few rodents. Bebe and Fatso were my first gerbils at the tender age of ten. And then, in high school John and Yoko the hamsters, followed by the wonderful "Butterball" in college. After that I found an abandoned guinea pig outside a grocery store in the winter and took her home. She was hence forth know as "Pig." She was feisty and bit us, A LOT. But I loved her.
My last venture into rodent adoption was Dr. Joel Fleischman, also known as "Pig". A mild mannered and peace loving fellow, he traveled with us to San Francisco and back. We still miss him all the time.

What this nightmare is all about, I'm not completely sure, but my hunch is, I fear dropping the ball. While I can assure you that I never missed a mealtime for any of my animals in real life, I think the thought of letting them down is slightly horrifying.
Well, that and death. Maybe those nightmares are also about death. Something I've panicked over and fixated on since 1983. How lovely!

Ok, so just like flaking out on my animals in the dream, I fear I have flaked out on you our dear readers. STILL! I have flaked.
Things are busy. Not just "say you are busy, busy", but like No, HONESTLY BUSY.
A new school this year, plus and old one, Noah and I just drive, drive, drive all week long. Some birthdays, and a fairly part-time job for me, in the volunteering department. I've bitten off more than I would like to chew.
All of this said, I have full intentions to come back, and come back better then ever! Maybe my New Year's resolution will be to write a post a day. Maybe. You never know.

So I'll leave it here, and just say we will see you again very soon. In the meantime, check out Flickr for visual updates.


Kendra Lynn said...

So glad you are alive and well! Especially after reading that nightmarish tale!
I understand busy...until December 7th, my life is not my own. AFTER that, I can concentrate on the holiday and relax a tad. Can't wait.

Love you.

Laura said...

I completely understand busy too. It seems that we all have a lot on our plates these days. I finally had to step down a bit on my volunteering because I was feeling very overwhelmed. And to think, that things are only going to get more crazy! Hang in there and try to enjoy the ride. :)
BTW, thanks for the Noah fix on Flickr. It looks like Noah had a great birthday again this year. That SmartCycle is just so very neat. I hope he has fun with it. :) Happy Belated Birthday Noah!