Sunday, November 23, 2008

No. You Can't Eat Your Cake and Have it Too

Some time between June and July of this year, I became the proud owner of something that I've never ever had before: the elusive character trait know as self control.
Sure I still inadvertently interrupt people during exciting conversations, run, skip, FLY down stairs like a kid, and never pass on a chance to dance around my Mom's big kitchen, singing annoying songs. But these things I blame on the ADHD, where as the new found self control comes in the form of my ability to now forgo the cake and stick to twenty-two measly Weight Watcher points a day. Never before had I started a diet and have been able to stick with it for so long. It's been nearly six months and I'm astonished to find that well, I'm ok with this. I don't feel too deprived and I actually don't want to go back to eating like a normal person, or a normal person that likes pasta a bit too much. The smaller portion sizes and the healthier foods have become my friends, I like them.

I haven't had true pizza in half a year, and I miss that a lot, but other than this, the steady weight loss has been well worth it. The weight loss, which surprises me week after week. It's so odd, but I almost don't expect it. Could it truly be this easy? All I do is chose healthy foods, smaller portions, try to snack less and keep within my points. It's that easy...but also I suppose it's just that hard. Do you know how many yummy foods I' ve passed up since June!? Birthday cakes, cup cakes, BBQ's and ice cream, delicious appetizers and dinners out. The list goes on. I also feel hungry quite often, even if it's just in passing, the afternoons seem to drag on while I drink water, trying to feel full until dinner.

I'm on a roll though, no plans of stopping. Not in an obsessive way, please, this is a very slow, extremely sensible process; but in a lifestyle changing way. So far I have lost over 30 pounds. I am lighter than I was when Jon and I were married, and ten pounds exactly, from my high school weight. In high school, I was fit and active, and I would say at an ok weight. While this was my first goal back in June, I think I need to go for the gusto and aim for my weight watchers, annoying BMI suggested weight range : 108-126 pounds . It's doable, I think I can, I think I can! Oh to be five feet tall, it is so ridiculous.

So the wild thing is the fact that each time I try on old clothes from our basement or step onto the scale, I'm just kind of astonished. I keep seeing numbers that I haven't seen in years, it's all a bit shocking.
For example, this week I went to Target to pick up a few things for the house. Somehow I drifted into the clothing department, (yeah, somehow.) and SUDDENLY found myself trying on three dresses, two shirts, and a pair of jeans. The weird thing, they were all too big! Here I've been, too scared to really clothing shop for fear of failure, when all along I really was shrinking.
I couldn't believe it! In the end I had to try on mediums....MEDIUMS in the junior department and even ended up fitting into a small that I accidentally pulled off the rack. HUH!? This can't be true I thought.

These days I have taken to wearing more things that I actually like. I even caved and bought a few new items like a denim (almost) mini skirt. Well, it's not quite mini on me because I'm so short, but to put on a skirt that stops well above my knees is like, mini to me. I am also all into the yoga pants. I know, I know...but they're comfy, way comfy, and cute! Just today I was at Target (AGAIN) and was totally hit on big time by a grandpa in the frozen food isle. He came right up to me as I was browsing the Lean Cuisine and he said: "Good morning! I saw you on the other isle, and I just had to tell you that I thought...What a cutie! When I saw you."
Um, what was I supposed to say? I mean, he was perhaps 75 years old and OH YEAH! I'm married. So I giggled and said "Thank you" and then booked it out of there.
Oh, the point. Yeah, it must have been the yoga pants.

Well, now my energy for typing has worn out because woe is me, I am living on no calories a day. Must. go. drink. broth.....

No, I'm joking.
Maybe someday soon I will get to eat that pizza, but until then, I'm just excited to be wearing pajamas, I mean yoga pants, all day long.


Judy said...

So, we're needing a picture now! Come on!

Doesn't it feel GREAT???? And, you're right - it isn't all that hard to do when you simply watch what you eat. :-)


Kendra Lynn said...

Judy stole my life! Where's the pic?
I am starting Weight Watchers in January. (there's no point now, I love Christmas cookies too much, and I want to enjoy my favorite holiday!)
But in January, it will be the new and improved Kendra. I will be satisfied if I can lose 20lbs.
Good for you, Lauren!
I love you.


Laura said...

Wow! You are totally awesome! :)
Can I borrow some of your self-control and determination? I could use it!
Keep up the great work and yes, a new & improved Lauren picture would be wonderful. :)

Anonymous said...

How bourgeois of you to be married, plus say "You can't have your cake and eat it to" instead of "You can't eat your cake and have it too."

Lauren said...

Note taken.
That's just rude, it's only a typo.

The McGeehins said...

Lauren...YOU ROCK!!!
You have a phenomenal writing style & we truly enjoy reading your posts.
Typo, schmypo...

Anonymous said...

Actually, Anonymous, the quote was used properly. You CAN have your cake, and eat it, but you can't eat it, then have it. The poster used the quote correctly. It's by John Heywood. Look it up.

PS. You lose.