Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Snap From the Past

I found these pictures also. They are from a photography class that I took as an elective in high school when I was 16. These are some of the best pictures I have ever taken. It's amazing, I wasn't even trying. I was just young and snapping pictures of my friends. I miss them all.....

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This is Michael. I love this photo of Michael and his cat. He loved Charles Bukowski and made me watch "Barfly". Michael lived down the street. He was exotically avant guarde to me, amazingly creative and sad. I wish I could see him again. I must find the e-mail adress that his Mother gave me last year. He was more amazing than I could ever articulate.

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This is moment in time, in a class. We were in "Flex", a college prep program that incorperated government,lit, social studies, comp. etc....into a morning program .
That's Brit on the left eating an apple. She loves in Portland now, I think. There's Erica, she's almost a doctor and Sarah on the far right is a lawyer. I'm just a Momer.

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This kid's Dad is a Urologist.

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Here is Katie. I miss her so much. Katie is like a littel sister to me. She lived down the street, near Michael. When I moved to San Francisco, I e-mailed Katie and said "I just moved to S.F. and was thinking of you because I bet you'd love it here, how are you"? I imediatly got a reply and guess what? Katie was living in S.F. too!!! It was so amazing. Katie has come in and out of my life a few times. She disappears sometimes. This last time, we just lost touch. I tried...I did. It makes me so sad. I wish she knew Noah. He'd like her.

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And here's Laura, my constant companion. We were hippies. She secretly had Polo socks.

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Judy said...

Wow, Lauren, have you been saving up your postings for this one? Seriously, I love your "old" pics - what was that, like 6 years ago? I hate to think about how long it has been since I graduated from high school (EIGHTEEN YEARS!). I love the prom comment, too...so true!