Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Jeff at SEMA

My brother in law Jeff came to the show with us, and he got some great pictures. Here are some highlights:

Here I am in the Canal Shops at the Venetian, probably shopping for some Fendi pants or something. We stayed there, but I book a year out so it was less than the Golden Nugget, possibly.

This is how we got to the show every day.

By April this will be so over, but for now it's still pretty cool to have the 300 with the Lamborghini doors.

Possibly my favorite car of the show, this Avalanche had a DJ booth in the bed on a platform, and every night as the show closed at 5 there was a live performance on our way to the taxi limo.

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Judy said...

The first shot is great - I know exactly where you are! HAHA The other pictures didn't load for me - I'll come back later and see if I can get them to pull up.