Sunday, September 18, 2005

I'm Sorry......

Originally uploaded by How Bourgeois.

I'm sorry, but I am just going to have to bombard you with more of the most adorable baby pictures on earth. We just can't help ourselves, but with a perfect kid like ours, how can you blame us?!

OK, OK, that's way over board. At least the Grandparents never get tired of them..... CLICK HERE for more delicious pictures!


Kendra Lynn said...

He really gets cuter and cuter by the day, guys. :)
Can't wait to see him again.
When can I have you over for dinner?

Lauren said...

Thanks Kendra!!! I know! We have to get together!! We need to try Java Jungle too. I'm sorry I didn't call/write to make plans for that a couple of weeks ago. It was a little crazy because my step-Grandma suddenly passed away. :( It was so sad. After yuko's wedding this weekend, things will slow down a bit. I hope to see you guys soon!
Lauren :)

Laura said...

What a cute set of pictures! He's an adorable "litte man". :)
The one where he is sitting by the two huge gorillas looks like a library, am I right?

Judy said...


Those are some CUTE pictures! Who do you think he favors? From the pictures I've seen lately, he seems to be looking more and more like Daddy, although I can see your eyes in him, Lauren!