Thursday, June 23, 2005

Oddness at the J.

This morning Sarah and I surprised our favorite, Dora, at the J. ! It's Dora's Birthday today. She's 22. We came running into the center with "Dora the Explorer" party hats on ourselves and the babies. We had stupid curly-Q noise makers that didn't end up making noise. Sarah picked up a really nice hanging plant and I got the gift certificate to Target. We pleaded at the front desk to let us all upstairs to the executive fitness club with the babies (No babies allowed!) so that we could surprise Dora at work. Wonderful Ana let us go right up and boy was Dora surprised! It was great! We are so lucky to have such a friend as Dora.

So anyway, the oddness part: This old man, whom we have no idea who he is, came up to us on the way out. He said; "Do you know what four animals women really want"? Sarah and I were like..."Uh....No..."? Then he looked at me and said; "You, what four types of animals do women want"? and I said; "Well, I've always wanted a monkey". He said; "That's creative but no, you're wrong"! "How about you"? Pointing at Sarah. Sarah said "how about a cat"? Then the man said "No, that's not even creative"! So Sarah screamed out to no avail; "well then how about a Lemur? That's creative"!!!

The old man just kept talking and went on to say"No, the four animals a woman wants are; a mink in the closest, a jaguar in the driveway, a tiger in bed and a jack-ass to buy it all for them".

Umm..yeah...ok.... well, the moral of this story is you sure learn something new each day at the JCC!

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