Thursday, June 23, 2005

Don't Try This at Home

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Noah and I worked on one of our (belated) Father's Day gifts. Don't worry, other other gift was on time. Anyway though, I don't suggest that you try making handprints with a seven month old and sparkle paint, at least not alone. It was a BIG mess. I even had to add a disclaimer to the t-shirt to explain the strange, blue blobs.

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Judy said...

For future reference - footprints work much better until they are around 2. Talking from experience and many episodes of paint on furniture/carpet/anywhere it shouldn't be.

We are doing a shirt for my FIL for his birthday with my two and their three cousins - the two babies (Tyler and his new cousin) will do footprints and the others will do hands -- just easier that way - they can't curl it up and smear it everywhere as easily! :-)