Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Starbucks Oracle

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Hi, the liberal Quaker/Neo-Pegan here. You've GOT to try out the Starbucks Oracle!
(See outside link below) According to the oracle I am :

Personality type: Clueless

"You don't go to Starbucks much; when you do you just tag along with other people since you have nothing better to do. You would like to order a Tazo Chai Crème but don't know how to pronounce it. Most people who drink tall skim mocha are strippers."

Also drinks: Wine coolers
Can also be found at: The mall

Hmm...Maybe I am a liberal Quaker stripper!!!

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Jonathan said...

Behold the Oracle's wisdom:

Personality type: Lame

You're a simple person with modest tastes and a reasonable lifestyle. In other words, you're boring. Going to Starbucks makes you feel sophisticated; you'd like to be snooty and order an espresso but aren't sure if you're ready for that level of excitement. People laugh at you because you use fake curse words like "friggin'" and "oh, crumb!" Everyone who thinks America's Funniest Home Videos is a great show drinks medium coffee.

Also drinks: V8
Can also be found: On the couch at home