Thursday, April 28, 2005

Mr. Ripe, or Mr. Ripe Now

I was reading the Detroit News yesterday, and there is just so much going on right now. If you had read the paper yesterday you would know that the Pistons are two games up on Philadelphia, auto suppliers are cutting benefits all over the place to try to stay competitive, and that He Drove, She Drove did not like the Infiniti FX35.

Most importantly, you would know that Kroger had some generic ice cream for $1 a half gallon, with plus card. No dummy, I got in Lauren's car and pointed those flower wheels up Woodward to check out the ice cream. Now, we're not talking Stroh's or Breyers - this is basically unbranded ice cream, and the only flavor that looked interesting was chocolate. I called Lauren and said, "Two grams of fat, one gram saturated fat, 5 grams of cholesterol," to which she replied, "Go see how much is in Starbucks bars." We ended up with the bars of course, which it turns out have exactly as much fat and cholesterol per serving as dollar ice cream. They're three times as expensive, which defeated the purpose of going, but I found a few other bargains that made the trip worthwhile.

Hass Avocados - 10 for $10! Word, this is a legitimate deal. They were ripe now, so I bought 5 and started making guacamole. It was great, but I had to salt it extra heavy to make it taste good with matzoh.

Strawberries - 2 pound box for $3! Oddly, two one-pound boxes were $4. Now I just need to figure out what to do with 2 pounds of strawberries. Worst case: I just eat them. Still fine.

Onions - I don't know what these cost but I bought 4, because the ones on our counter were starting to sprout giant green appendages. Time to go.

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