Thursday, April 28, 2005

Rant: American Haberdashery

Look at the link - if you want a Le Tigre shirt from, you had better be at least a medium. No smalls in stock. I'm a reasonable person, and I work for a retail products company, so I know that retailers can be out of stock occasionally. But no smalls? At all? I mean, I'm not medium, I'm small. American retailers do not care about men who wear smalls. They don't like to make shirts with a 14 1/2 neck, they don't like to sell suits in a 36 Short, they just have a lousy selection of clothes if you are not a stereotypical 5'9" male. Armani to Zegna, it is tough to find your size.

I have not been able to find a suit I really love since Napolean's Closet in Birmingham closed. That place was amazing - if you needed a Burberry suit in a 34S, they had it. If you were taller than 5'8", they couldn't help you. Awesome store. I went into Banana Republic last week and they told me if I wanted a 3-button refined linen blazer in "Tobacco," I would have to get it online, because they do not carry the 36S's in the stores. Well, I just looked, and they do not make the 36S, period.

I am frustrated to the point where I want to start having clothes custom made - the only problem being that I am not the kind of wealthy dude who can go get clothes custom made. There is no room in my life for $2800 Brioni suits and $120 dress shirts, minimum order 6. I also don't have the opportunity to get them made more inexpensively in Hong Kong or Buenos Aires. Frankly, I am bummed about this.


Judy said...

My hubby is on the opposite end of the spectrum - 6'5" 275 lbs. Big and Tall shops are just slightly too big for him, and "regular" sizes don't go high enough for him. Shopping for him is the pits!

meagan said...

hello jon,
perhaps too much info, but it is d*mn near impossible to find XS womens undergarments (size 4) i have to either look like i left a surprise in my drawers or shop in the kiddie department. if i do the latter, i'm wearing an XL which is far too depressing. haha. btw, i updated my blog!

Jonathan said...


You know, a (rude) sales dude at Brooks Brothers actually suggested I try that. The problem for me, in addition to the personal awkwardness of shopping there, is that the clothes are not tailored as well, dress shirts not cut as nicely etc.

Matt said...

I told you that I thought they just didn't make a 36s when you called from the mall. Sucks. Really does.