Monday, March 05, 2007

Whatcha gunna do, Part Two

About a year ago, I mentioned that my brother the rabbinical student was adamant that we go to Wrestlemania 23. This being a significant cultural event and the culmination of a life-long dream for him, I started clicking for tickets at 6am Nevada time back in January (they went on sale during the Consumer Electronics Show) and wound up with decent seats for my brother and my Dad (far away, but not behind a pole). I excercised substantial restraint to refrain from purchasing the $750 ringside VIP seats, but I'm sure my former Big 4 accounting firm colleagues will have a great time entertaining their clients there. Try to duck when the chairs start flying guys.

The point of all this is that the Detroit News has launched their Wrestlemania 23 "coundown to the smackdown" site, and there is a ton of background there for anyone going to the event who needs to brush so they know what's going on when they get there. Don't forget to check the wrestling dictionary and keep an eye on the Wrestlemania blog for critical updates.


Judy said...

Hmmm...wrestlemania. I must say that this is not something I would have seen you guys being into, but okay! Should be an interesting commentary!

Magdalena said...

Don't shower BEFORE you go. Shower AFTER. I've been to two of these events and trust me, there just isn't any point in any sort of hygiene prep. At all. I also hope for your sake you get seats next to someone who is capable of fitting into their own seat properly.
Have fun. :)

Jonathan said...

I just don't agree with that at all. Even if it were true, which is implausible given the sheer number and variety of people in attendance, it's just not nice.

Bree said...

Well, I never claimed to be nice! ;)
I'm not kidding. Or exaggerating. It was smelly and wet; it seemed wet everywhere, and the seats were sticky. There weren't many people around me with teeth. There was lots of missing teeth and mullets. D can vouch for this. There were people chanting Asshole, ASSHOLE! at various wrestlers. The man next to D was morbidly obese, and while I do feel for his life challenges, he also smelled like he bathed in Old Spice rather than water. His legs spilled out and couldn't help but brush against D in a very unsexy manner as he ate greasy pizza and wiped his hands on his own pantlegs.
Maybe its an Ohio thing. In any case, I do hope its a good expierience for you and your brother. Now that is nice, isn't it?

Jonathan said...

Wow. I guess I'll just have to find out for myself. The last time I went to see professional wrestling I was about 10 and we were at the Toledo Sports Arena (home of the late, lamented Toledo Goaldiggers hockey team and current Toledo Storm), and I can't remember the crowd at all. I do remember seeing the Ultimate Warrior, and that was awesome.

I will grant you that your neighbor was not sexy. That even sounds a little unattractive. Still, most people are there for the pummeling, and I can see how that would attract a slightly different crowd than the East Lansing Folk Festival.

Magdalena said...

Well, let's not get me started on the kinds of people you find at folk festivals, okay?