Friday, December 29, 2006

Phinn and Hazel are Getting a Sibling

Hi. How are you? I know, long time, no see. ok, so one of my New Year's resolutions is to blog more. Lots of photos, stories and possibly even some video will be coming your way soon! Today is a bit busy, so I'll need to get to that stuff a little later. I just ran across a news story though, about Julia Roberts being pregnant again. For those of you that don't know, she already has twin two year olds, just a week or so older than Noah. Lately, all of my friends with kids, ALL of them have either had child #2 or are about to give birth, pregnant or are trying for #2. Everyone, except me. Now, even Julia Roberts who has TWIN two year olds running around is ready for some more!

So why then do I feel 110% sure that I do NOT want #2, not now, not even a little down the road either? There is always a bell curve, a range of normal, but why have I fallen so far out of normal? Any other parents out there who have just one child and are satisfied? I need to make a one child friend. I'm am genuinely so happy and excited and thrilled for my girlfriends who have or are having new babies, but at the same time, it makes me feel removed and sad that my insides (heart, emotions,mind) aren't wanting what everyone else wants. I've followed life's natural path so far..marriage, house, baby; but now I feel more babies... I don't think it will happen, but I hope I won't be left behind by some friends. Maybe they'll all just let me hold their babies....but only for 10 minutes please. :)

See you soon.


Laura said...

Don't worry Lauren, I won't forget you. Truthfully, I didn't think that I'd have two kids least not this soon. Little Cara was a huge surprise. I have noticed too, that a lot of my friends are trying to have baby #2 (3 or 6 in the case of one friend) right now. There's nothing wrong or freakish about only wanting one child. You know yourself better than anyone else so don't doubt what your heart & mind are saying. If you just want to be Noah's mommy and only Noah's mommy, take pride in that 'cause I know that you're a wonderful mommy to him and that he is so lucky to have you. I admire people who have lots of kids because I know that I couldn't do it. I barely have the patience for the two that I have!

Kendra Lynn said...

Its okay if you only want one. trust me, two are a handful! Kelsey has the flu and now I do, too...ugh.
Have you visited my blog? There are lots of new and cute pics...

Okay...I'm sorry.
I lvoe you...and its okay if you never have any more kids.

p.s. if you feel the urge to be around girls, just call me up.

Judy said...


as for the singleton issue, TRavis was intended to be an only; Tyler is the uh-oh Superbowl Weekend 2004 rendezvous between business trips. There was no way I could get pregnant...or maybe there was, HAHAHA. Anyway, I think one is perfectly fine. You find what works for YOU, not what society deems "normal". Because society - that's a far cry from normal as it is!

erica said...

Hi Lauren!
You worry that society may frown if you don't go for a second child, already having one healthy, cute kid? Please. In the words of my friend's dad (I kid you not), "Oh, don't be so bourgeois." Good thing I didn't go to K-12 with Julia Roberts, since I wouldn't have been able to catch up with her at the bar after all these years! I'm glad you're still the same Lauren I remember from Mrs. Kingston's class, even if you lost the Annie glasses...Wish I saw you more often!

Magdalena said...

Hmmm, I was just talking about it tonight...I would never regret any of my kids, by any means. But I do think if there was a perfect number- it would be one. Sure it's wonderful to have a new baby and to re-do all of that good fun stuff. But the reality of it is that you do sacrifice one's time to be with the other. It's just fact. Where before I would have had all the time in the world to sit down and read to Jack- now that time is split. Sometimes I don't have time to read a story; I have to make a bottle or change a diaper. Sometimes that makes me sad. Trust me, you know, I love them all so much. But you can definitely start to feel like you are trying to divide yourself into equal parts, all the while shaving more and more time away from yourself.
Both choices have their advantages, for example, I have built-in little helpers. You get to devote all of your energy to one child and not have to worry if you are somehow damaging another by doing so. Whatever decision you make is your decision, normal be damned. You and Jon are great parents and a great friends, and if anyone ditches you because you only have one kid then they aren't the kind of friend you really want in the first place.

ilyms said...

Good idea, Lauren. Resist the peer pressure! I have found that waiting 8, almost 9 years is a GREAT span between sibs. Little Mr. Stinky Pants (aka the Toddler Tyrant) is a wonderful person, but I could not do it without the help of Big Sister. Boys are definitely different than girls.

Michelle said...

Do what you feel is best! Most of my friends at the moment had their children about a year ago (same as me) and now the 'when's the next one coming along?' question is being passed around, and it's different for everyone!

keryn@chickfit said...

Oh hun, I can't tell you how many times I've had to explain why my son is an only child to people. My son is four (nearly five) and people are constantly asking when I'll have another.

I can't quite put it into words, but like you, I'm happy with one. Thanks for the post.