Friday, December 01, 2006

Heated Gravy Boats: That's Hot

9:00pm. Friday night. On the couch in front of the fire.

Jon: (Reading his new Williams-Sonoma catalogue) Lauren! Look, a heated gravy boat!

Lauren: OMG. That's so hot!

The most stupid conversation I have ever had on a Friday night.


Judy said...

Get this...I got a call today that there was room for my boys at our church's parents'night out program, so Scott and I jumped at the chance to drop them off. After they were checked in, we grabbed a BBQ sandwich two doors down, walked across the street to get a coffee (from a church member, we're trying to help her business), then I went up to the church AND WORKED! How lame is that?

Heidi said...

Hey there!

Your Britney squirrel photo almost made me spit water on my laptop. Hilarious! I just read the post you left on Sam's blog ... And it was really more sarcasm than anything. That poor kid I picked on in the post doesn't behave any more aggressively than Sam or his brother. I tend to exaggerate on the boys' blogs a bit, it's a mild creative outlet for me. Hope to see you and Noah again soon!

Lauren said...


Hi! Sarcasm...sarcasm...I do need to get a better sense of humor! I'm sorry, I went to bed last night worrying..."hmm..was my comment rude?" Anyway, I'm just glad one little boy didn't scare sweet Sam away! See you there soon, the snow is coming and we'll be heading inside to play! Thanks for the comment, and yes, since "Buzz Tracker" picked up my "Britney" post and included my name and personal e-mail address, I will forever unfortunatly be know as the squirrel vajayjay girl. Great.

Kendra Lynn said...

Nice gravy boat.
I spent Friday night at a Minister's Kids' Christmas party.
Definitly worth going to!
Actually...I was in Ferndale, Lauren...not too far from you.
Love you lots.
Maybe NEXT Friday night will be more exciting. LOL


Laura said...

My Friday night was just the same as any other night...spent here at the house. I did, however, start a Facebook. Other than that, same old, same old.

Judy said...

Meant to stop by last night and wish you guys a Happy Hanukkah! Time got away from me, though, so here I am tonight, doing the same. Shalom!