Sunday, January 14, 2007

Milk Crisis

One of our favorite Sesame Street shorts ever. This song is the best! I sing it all the time. Weren't the 70's great? Too bad I can't remember them.


Bree said...

Does milk really make everything seem bright? I was amazed at the amount of diferent emotions she could convery with just one short, creamy little word.
I sort of feel all at once like crying, vomiting, and becoming a vegan. I think it might have had something to do with the large milk hose and the tap from which it flowed.

Judy said...

LOL - I almost could feel myself how long has it been since THAT happened, haha!

I love that "milk, milk, milk" song. One of my favorites. Ah, Sesame Street. Nothing like it.

Laura said...

Milk--gotta love it. I remember that song too. Hey, how do you post video on Blogger? I'd love to do it since I have some clips of the girls.

Kendra Lynn said...

lol. I had to laugh...that is such a crazy song! I need to teach it to the girls.
Miss you...when can I see you?


Lauren said...

Girls! Isn't that a such a strange clip? Still, I love it. Milk...MI-ILK...milk... We should make a re-mix and put it to some beats. It would be a club hit.

Laura, if you go to you tube, you will see a box to the right of any video that says "embed video" with an html code. Just copy the code into your post a there you go! I'd lOVE to see some videos of the girls!!!

Kendra, I miss you guys! Well have to figure something out. To bad, maybe we should have tried to get together today, was school canceled for you too?

Love you guys, thanks!

Oh!!! Judy, happy belated B-day!!!! Sorry!!!