Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Hi. I'm so sorry to bore all of you with this information, but some people asked to be kept up to date. Thank you a thousand times over for your kind and encouraging comments, they really make me smile and feel better.

So, my very nice Doctor S. called me back this morning. She's my internist, where I go for check-ups. I was able to give her a quick re-cap of the last tests and ask some question and get her opinion. Here is what she said:

She wasn't concerened. She said that I have now had four NORMAL range fasting levels and that I need to have two tests above 126 to be termed diabetic. Mine ranged from 78-99. She said that she didn't know why a two hour glucose test was ordered as they don't really do that test anymore. She said that stress could have raised it a little, but not too much. I asked if she was worried about the 198 and did that mean I was pre-diabetic. I was surprised, but she didn't seem worried at all. She said, there really aren't stages of diabetes. that when it gets higher like that, it means you are more prone to getting diabetes. Bottom line, what she would tell me, just like when they say try to get for example, cholesterol numbers down, try to get my glucose down by diet and exercise. She said that it was really great about the 10lbs. and that I'm young and will probably be just fine getting back into shape. One thing I know is that when I was exercising and a little lighter, I did have good numbers, so hopefully she's right. She didn't need me to come in for more tests, and I will just see her again at my annual check-up in the spring. I'm really thankful that Dr. S. called. I feel much much much better. It's really hard for me to just relax and trust. I still don't 100% know why she isn't worried about my highest number BUT, I just need to trust her and give up control, have faith. That is my problem, I worry so much about things, but only things that are out of my control like disease, death, air planes. I can see the pattern. So, that's my update. Finally some good news.


Kendra Lynn said...

I'm so glad you finally got some good news!
I love you.

Garrett said...

Keep your head up love! Don't take life too seriously, you may not get out alive!

Judy said...

That is terrific news, Lauren! YAY! I'm glad Dr. S called you!

Laura said...

Yay! Glad that it was good news!