Wednesday, August 09, 2006

For Judy and Kendra!

I was tagged by Judy and Kendra to list:

5 things in my freezer: Veggie Burgers, Frozen broccoli, ice packs, Trader Joe's Pad Thai, Old dinners that I made at Super Suppers and haven't used yet, Oops! (It's just a Talapia or two)

5 things in my closet: Shoes, bags, clothing, extra bedding, a hat. My other closets have more exciting things in them like a vacuum cleaner and snow boots.

5 things in my car: A toy train, a Richard Scary book, baby wipes, a little half eaten bag of Noah's snack cookies, a piece of chewed gum that I put in a napkin instead of throwing out the window. (That would be littering)

5 things in my purse: Wallet, keys, pen, toy train, wipes and a diap, anti-bad hand gel

5 things in my wallet: library card, driver's license, too much change, insurance cards, pictures of my family

5 people I tag to do this list: You, You, You, You, and You!

1 comment:

Judy said...

What? No train in your freezer?

I wanted to let you know the twos have hit here - running in the parking lots, openly defying me, HITTING HIS BROTHER, laughing and doing it all over again.

Let's get the boys together, tie them to a tree, and take a nap!