Thursday, March 23, 2006

Take That you Blood Pressure!

I just want to tell everyone out there that the best way to deal with your fears is head on. I was deathly afraid of needles of all sorts. So you know what I did? Got knocked up. Yeah, it was great. Now I'm not afraid of needles at all. I had syringes, IV's, epidurals all stuck into me many many times. It's so cool because now I have no fear and I might as well go give blood for some extra spending money.

After I checked that fear off my list, I was ready for another which happened on Wednesday. Even though I went to my OB/GYN a million times during and after pregnancy, the walk-in clinic and the dentist, etc...I have been so afraid of internists! I don't know why, other than having a thourough physical turn up some "bad news". That's it, I'm so afraid of bad news. I finally got sick of worrying about possibly having something wrong with my brain, eyeball, tonsils, ears, thigh, ankle, heart and kidney, that I went in for a physical with a new and highly reccomended doctor. Guess what!? It went really well, better than I ever had imagined and so far (still waiting for the routine blood tests) I'm a (knock on wood) healthy girl! Everything was normal, my blood pressure was good even though I was having a mini panic attack, it was still 122/68! I though for sure with all my anxiety, that it would be sky high. I wonder what it is when I'm relaxed!? I'm really glad that I went and wish I would have just done it sooner. Now I'm not so scared! I am worrying about my lab test results by default. I always worry waiting for tests. The only thing my doctor found was that I had some water behind my ears. She said most likely due to allergies. I can hear it in there and it was TERRIBLE in San Francisco. I think something in our appartment, or maybe it being the city that I was allergic to. I remember I had debilitating headaches, throbbing sinus stuff for so long there.

I digress. Ok, so just really, trust me. If you want to get over a fear, just do it head on, and remember, you CAN do it! Oh and please yell at me when you talk to me. I have water in my ears, I can't hear you.

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Judy said...

That explains a lot - I've been yelling at you all winter to get out of the cold and come see me, and you never here me! LOL

HAHAHA - I'm being quite the funny girl tonight! Gimme a mike!