Thursday, March 23, 2006

Some New Threads

Today Noah and I met Nana to look around for an outfit. We're all going to Brunch with the Easter Bunny at The Villiage Club. And as it's at the ever so proper Villiage Club, Noah must look cute so that they don't get too mad when he hits the Easter Bunny in the groin. I'm going to double up and use this as his "Passover Outfit" too. Meagan has a problem with too much seersucker in one area, refering to the Polo Boy's department. This just sung to me though. We even got a little matching sweater that he can tie around his neck to be preppy or even wear to be warm. Now I just need to find white, boy's knee socks. Awww...I can just see my little cherub now. Yes, it's kind of sacarin sweet, but this is the last year I can dress my butter bear up like a baby. Well, unless he's short like me...I went trick or treating with my tweleve year old cousin at 23 and nobody even noticed!


Kendra Lynn said...

I bet Noah will be the cutest little passover boy ever.
Remind me to tell you my funny Barnes and Nobles' Passover will laugh.
I love it.

Judy said...

What a GREAT outfit! I've been hunting on eBay but I keep getting outbid on cool clothes for the boys -I want matching outfits, so it is a HUGE booger to find on there.