Thursday, March 23, 2006


One of my favorite things about having Noah, is seeing him experience things for the first time. Can you even imagine what he thought my old walkman was when I showed it to him today? Yeah, my old walkman, circa. 1994, just captivated Noah. I set it quietly on the oldies channel, stuck it on his overalls, put the headphones on and let his go. Noah smiled and laughed and danced around in circles. He looked so surprised to hear the music, it was really fun. At dinner time, Noah, as he has now done for four days straight, threw all of his food, plate and cup off the side on his highchair within 30 seconds of sitting down. I got to thinking.....subliminal message cassette tapes for toddlers. "Be good. Listen to your parents." . Ooo...that would work for teens too!


Kendra Lynn said...

Love, love love it.
Wish I had an old walkman to pass down. We were too poor. Maybe I should get the girls an IPod?

Judy said...

I love the pics, especially with Thomas and Percy (?) in his hands!

We're throwing food - just know you are not alone. I don't know what else to do.

I also can't hold the spoon anymore - it is all about him, and hell hath no fury like a baby boy who's mama tries to feed him with the spoon!