Wednesday, March 01, 2006

HB Presents: Weigh-in-Wednesday

Ladies and gentelmen, I would like to now introduce to you, possibly the most boring weekly HB Presents ever; Weigh-in-Wednesday!

Yes, you heard me right, weigh-in-wednesday. Isn't it awesome? Look down on the sidebar, see the new scale? That maps my weigh loss, or lack of as I head towards my goal. I've teamed up with my gals Judy and kendra, in the battle of the bulge. If you ask me, those girls are skinny, but whatever. It's how you feel about yourself that counts. Each week we will blog on our sites about the past week's experience with food, exercise and my thighs. Well, maybe not my thighs, but you get the picture. Judy is an amazing walker down in Texas and Kendra just joined a gym with her husband.HERE is a really great article I read from Baby Center on the "Fit Mamas", inspiring Moms who found great ways to exercise even with little ones a foot.

Today for exercise, Erica and I took the boys for a walk in the stroller outside of the library. It wasn't too long, but felt great to move. I need to get my diet in gear. I hate restrictive diets, I prefere moderation, something I must get better at. Today for breakfast Noah and I had oatmeal together. I was the one who also had two coffees. Lunch for me was capalinni pasta with pesto and pine nuts wrapped in a slice of eggplant. Yum! Oh and a yogurt. Snack, a mocha..ooops! Dinner, some veggies and some chicken pot pie...more coffee..ooops...3 squares of chocolate...oops. Oh and I snacked on a whole grain, apple cereal bar too. Ooops.

Ok, tomorrow I will do better, but that still wasn't too bad a day for me at least. I need more protein, less carbs, less coffee, LESS CHOCOLATE!

Well, see you next wednesday, hopefully a couple of pounds lighter!


Judy said...

Uh, did you SEE how many pounds I need to lose on my WIW chart? And that's not even my ULTIMATE goal - that's just the before-school-starts-in-the-fall goal! YIKES! We'll get there, though, girl. Exercise and eating habits. I do not diet - I just watch what I eat. Carbs are my downfall. I could eat a whole loaf of bread by myself!

Laura said...

Lauren, I wish you the best of luck with your weight loss goals. I'd love to join you but can't for obvious reasons. Be sure to keep us posted on your progress. Maybe I should weekly measure my abdomen! ;)

Kendra Lynn said...

Hey there. I still need the html for the sidebar. I am being bad this week, due to this nasty cold I've obtained.
For some reason, veggies and exercise hold no appeal to me at this particular moment. LOL
I'm excited about doing this with you guys though. I need the motivation.