Wednesday, March 01, 2006

HB Presents: Mommy Rant #1. What's Wrong With You!

Ok, I have a rant to make. Today Noah and I met Erica and Erich at the library. The cool library, you remember. That's a picture of the entrance below, it has lighted, color blocks in the floor, how cool is that!? There is also a picture of the playroom off the youth room. See the mural on the wall? It goes all around this huge room, with scenes of mountains and trees. Guess, what? It's not paint, it's kind of like burber carpet! I think it is for sound proofing. Isn't that great? A room in the library where you child can actually be loud! Sweet!

Back to my rant. So Noah and I went to the library and as soon as I let him lose, he made a B-line for the train table. He played nicely by himself at the table for about five minutes when three "big boys" came up to play. Normally I wouldn't mind at all, it's good for Noah to learn how to play with other kids. These "big boys" though, each around seven, had no desire to play with Noah. Quickly they grabbed Noah's train away and started playing. It's a big table with about ten train cars, surely they could have let Noah have one or two. I stepped in and polietly asked the boys to please give Noah his train back. They did, but two minutes later, they took it again. Noah look sad. He helplessly circled around their big boy backs, waiting for them to make room for him in the midst of their train jamboree. I once agian stepped in and said more firmly this time; "Please share with Noah, he was here first and is happy to share with you, he's only a baby"., I wonder if that embarassed Noah? Guys don't like their Mom's fighting their battles, right?

I was so annoyed at these big boys. To make matters worse, they started launching train cars into the air and across the table with one of the drawbridges, nearly nailing one kid in the head. Ok! Hello big boys, stop that. I told them that while it is a "cool move", someone could get hurt and I didn't think the librarians wanted them to treat their train table that way.

I finally reached my last straw when one of the big boys, a good foot taller than Noah, sneezed on Noah's head. OH-MY-GOD! He SNEEZED on my child's head!!!!! First I almost gaged from disgustingness and then I almost passed out from fear of Noah catching another cold. (fyi: We use anti-bacterial hand wash after ever play session outside of our house and/or grocery cart ride)

Ok, that wasn't my rant part.. here it is.... HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!Stupid parents of these big boys! What the Hell is wrong with you!?

Look, I would be willing to say that the majority of parents out there are good, responsible parents. For some reason though, these big boy's parents were either not near by or (and this was totaly pissing me off) just sitting there, idly by, letting their children misbehave! Seriously, I would not make this up. One boy, the one who sneezed on Noah's head, his parents..maybe they were grandparents, were sitting two feet away, just watching their kid with smiles on their face. When he sneezed on Noah's head, did they say "Timmy! Please cover your mouth" or apologize to me? NO! They just kept on watching and smiling. What the hell is wrong with you people! Tell your kid to cover his mouth!!!!

You know, what, these "big boys" are actually "little boys" and I don't blame them. They were normal little boys. It's the delinquent parents who don't watch their kids enough. We were there for 15 minutes with them and never once did a parent approach and tell them to share with Noah or to be gentle with him or to stop launching the train cars through the air. That really irks me.

Someday, if Noah is old enough to be out of my sight at the in 5 plus years...I will make sure that I check on him often, if not spy on him from the trashy novel section AND I'm going to make sure my kid knows how to share...oh and to cover his nose when he sneezes! Sheesh.


Judy said...

I have learned through 6+ years of parenting to approach those parents and let them know what is going on. LET THEM KNOW. 90% of the time at Chick-fil-a when I approach a parent, they have no clue their precious Timmy was in the tunnel, beating some other poor kid to a pulp. If my son was doing that, I would certainly want to know. Because at that age, there is some responsibility on the child's part to know how to behave. But, you are right - the parents need to enforce it.

The train table picture is precious. I feel so bad for Noah that he had to learn the hard lesson of people who do not share with others at such an early age!

Kendra Lynn said...

Oh, isn't that the worst?? I hate when big kids are mean to little ones.
Merry had an episode last summer...We were at a family/friends gathering, and her cousin, Aubrey was there. Merry LOVES to play with Aubrey. But Aubrey's OTHER cousin, Brianna was there. And Brianna told Merry she couldn't play with them. Oh man...Merry was sooo sad. It totally broke my mommy's heart. The crazy thing is, Brianna is exactly Merry's age. And mean as heck.
(I can't bring myself to swear...sorry.)
I basically don't let Merry get anywhere near Brianna now.
I don't want her picking up Brianna's nasty behaviours.

Okay...that was MY rant.
Love ya.

Lauren said...

Oh! Sorry for swearing! I get so carried away when I blog. How are you feeling Kendra!? Good to bed, you need sleep, it's late! :)

Laura said...

So, which library is this? West Bloomfield? Have you stopped patronizing the Baldwin library?

BTW, I've had this happen to me with Cait too and I've found, like Judy said, that it's best to confront the parents in a non-confrontational way. ;)