Sunday, February 12, 2006

I Hab A Cold

I have a little cold. Nothing too bad at all, just a scratchy throat, a little runny nose. Last week Noah and Jon were sick with a cold, I thought I escaped the germs, but I guess not. My version isn't as bad as theirs, so I consider myself lucky.

I've had a little sore/scratchy throat for about three days, so I decided this was the perfect time to get out my Dr. Weil book and try my fist go at homeopathic medicine. I don't know if it worked yet, I just woke up with a little sore throat..but better..definitly better. What I do know is that some homeopathic remedies are rough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've tourtured myself. First, yesterday morning, to kill any virus's in my body, I ate raw garlic. I chopped two cloves in to pill sized pieces and swallowed them whole. It was pretty stinky if you can imagine. Actually, I still smell of garlic 24 hours later.

Then, the worst part, last night I was gargaling vinegar (to kill germs, help throat) and Jon was just staring at me in awe. The look on his face was so strange that I started to laugh as I gargled and I swallowed a huge mouthful of vinegar. I almost died! It was THE worst thing I have ever drank! It burned in a multi-faceted, we're not talking in a taquila way, just a weird...I should not ingest this stuff way......

Wait a second! My troat kind of feels better! Getting my turmoils with this cold into words has been theraputic. Wow, I think I've found something. I typed my germs away. I should start a practice.

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Judy said...

Oh EW! Vinegar! Glad you are feeling a bit better!