Saturday, February 11, 2006

Fireplace S'mores

In our neighborhood, you can't have a fire pit. Grills are just fine, but open fires are a no-no. The only area where this has proven to be a disadvantage, really, is in crafting a fine s'more over a wood fire.

Last night, Lauren and I decided to remedy this situation by making s'mores in the fireplace. The recipe is the same one from summer camp - marshmallow, graham cracker, Hershey bar. Zoom in on the picture above, and you will find a tasty s'more toasting away in the corner. Grilling them like this has a few advantages - you don't need to rely on the heat from the marshmallow alone to melt the chocolate, and the graham cracker crisps up which makes it even more delicious. Turn the s'more a few times as it cooks, and you are rewarded with chocolate the melts through your whole s'more (below).

This is just dynamite. Remember - hardwood only! Duraflame is awesome but doesn't go very well with marshmallow.*

*And don't forget the chimney maintenance! These are good but they're not worth burning the place down. Kids ask your parents first.

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Judy said...

Mmmm...we do this quite often at my in-laws' house...we have a fireplace but it is a virgin fireplace and we're not one to deflower it - it is only 5 years old!