Sunday, February 12, 2006

Walkin' The Line

I love the first picture at the end of this post. I call it "Walkin' The Line". It looks like Noah is taking a sobriety test. No, we didn't let him drink, he's just running around the gym floor at half time. Jon, Noah and I walked to the end of our street, where there is a cute little school. This is Emma's school and she had her final home game yesterday. She plays girl's basket ball, sixth grade girl's to be exact. Emma is the sweetest. most wonderful little girl you will every meet. Come to think of it, her whole family is the nicest most sweet family you will ever meet! Emma was my "Mother's Helper" this summer with Noah and someday soon she will be a full fledged babysitter! She's very excited. Anyway, we went to watch an action packed game. Emma is nuber 11 on the white team. I snapped her just as she made a shoot and in a pile up. Noah sat and stood nicely for the first half of he game, cheering and clapping his hands when ever either team scored and playing with little brother John. The second half was another story, he was ready for freedom, so we spent most of the time walking around the school. I kept checking on the game though, I didn't want to miss Emma! As you can see below, the game really wore Noah out...and he wasn't even on the team.

We also went out to Babies R'Us for another baby gate and few other saftey odds and ends. On the way home, we stopped at Nana's for a few.

I love the weekends, how about you?

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Judy said...

The game looks great! How wonderful to have a "helper" like that! I need one of those!