Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Here's a picture of my current notebook. I decided to post it after I saw Jeremy's new notebook. Little notebooks are so vital. Grocery lists, which sushi rolls to get, bubby's stuffed cabbage recipe, it's all there, and I have them going back several years. I refer to the old ones all the time to see what I was thinking back when.

From last June, here's what I ordered from Pita Cafe for Lauren's surprise birthday party:

4 (orders) Baba Gannouj
4 house salad
4 Tabbouleh
4 rice
8 garlic spread
5 shish tawook sandwiches
4 grape leaf sandwiches
3 shish kafta sandwiches
3 chicken shawarma sandwiches

Mmmmm, tasty. Notebooks are delicious, and good for you too. I can't recommend keeping one enough.

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Judy said...

I have all my vitals in a calendar. I have a drawer full of old calendars - kind of like a sketchy journal. "We ate out at that restaurant for our anniversary three years ago." "No, it isn't on the calendar." "Did we give that to my dad for Christmas back in 95?" "Let me check my calendar." Seriously. It is all in there.