Sunday, January 15, 2006

New Mexico Pinon Coffee

I'm pretty much down to a cup of coffee a day since having that last kidney stone exploded back in November, and I'm supposed to follow it with a glass of water, which I do. I really don't want to give up that cup in the morning, and I do try to make it count by drinking great coffee. Lately I have been drinking Pinon Coffee from the New Mexico Pinon Coffee company.

Basically, they mix in a few nuts from the Pinon tree in with the roasted beans, which I then grind and drink. It sounds simple, but it is wonderful. It is not exactly a flavor - rather, it enhances the overall "coffeeness" of the coffee, and kind of smooths it out. It's tough to explain, but I like the way it tastes. I should add that I really dislike flavored coffee (except maybe chocolate), because almost all of them just taste nasty and artificial. I will definitely not be getting the holiday pinon nog flavor, but I might try out a pound of chocolate pinon to see if I like it.


Judy said...

Really - anything with chocolate already has my vote. MMmmm...!

Anonymous said...

Great coffee! Was given a large bag as a gift and have shared it with family and friends. Everyone has loved it...from Starbucks drinkers to Folgers. It is very smooth and not at all bitter. -San Diegan