Wednesday, January 11, 2006

BIRMINGHAM'S CHANGING FACE: Anthropologie to make a move to Somerset by fall

I'm just sorry Lauren had to find out from the newspaper, it's so impersonal. Time to start planning the vigil...


Lauren said...

This makes me so angry! Not because of the way I found out, although Erica told me weeks ago, but because it takes commerce out of downtown. For those of you not from Michigan, Somerset Mall, or "The Somerset Collection" as the upity call it, is a very large, upscale mall that attracts thousands of shopers, and takes them away from downtowns. Birmingham is a wonderful city with shopping, restaurants, bars and theaters. I just hate to see such an important retail outlet leave in our area leave. The mall is just 2 miles away or less, but still, I want a thriving downtown!
(Sorry, I can't put in hyper links on my Mac, so here is a link to Somerset if you want to take a peek)

Jonathan said...

Seriously, we should do the candlelight thing. I'll get going on the permits.

Jonathan said...

Here, I just sent this to Let 'em know what you think!

My wife really enjoys shopping at your downtown Birmingham (MI) store, and we tend to patronize the mall far less than we do local businesses. I hope you'll take the preferences of the shoppers at this store into account when deciding to make this move.


Judy said...

That's really a bummer...we have a great downtown shopping area, but it is hard to compete when everything in the 'burbs is all in one nice, neat building.

Hope they take into consideration people like you!

Tovachanah said...

I am not surprised Anthropologie is moving to Somerset. Actually I think it's more in tune w/ somerset than b'ham.

b'ham is having a hard time competing w/ somerset. but some business are thriving...mainly the boutiques.

urban outfitters (which owns anthropologie) is coming to somerset. and i suppose they want anthropologie right there w/ them

yes i know boutiques have gone out of business - hansel and gretel. for example. the other children's shoe store on old woodward told me that they are going to expand their inventory because now they have lost their competition.

but some are thriving - todd's room for example. Tender, and Linda Dresner must be doing ok - they are still there - and so is Imelda's Closet. I suppose the trick is niche marketing.

Granted b'ham needs an anchor - Jacobson's provided that. and Anthropologie did that also. but i wouldn't count b'ham out yet.

My mom (who is in retail) told me that 5 stores were leaving b'ham
Hansel and Gretel
and i don't know the other 3
does anyone else