Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Okaasan No Nampa Club..........

Today we met with Asa and baby Anzu for coffee AND we got to meet Aya! They're pretty cool chicks. Noah and I like to hang with them. In fact, we thought about starting a new club together. The Okaasan no Nampa Club. Basically, the "Hitting on Moms Club". You see,knowing how hard it is to meet other young, stay-at-home Moms, we thought that it would be a good idea to just hit on cool Moms that we see around to make friends... "Hey..I saw you and your kids at Target the other afternoon and now at the market today. I know you're a stay-at-home Mom too, so whatta you say we go out for a coffee and talk? Don't worry, I won't invite you back to my place, it's a ,mess". Yeah, the hit on Moms club. Actually, I kind of hit on Asa now that I think of it. I e-mailed her and said if she's ever bored, we should hang out. Wow! I already am so nampa!


Kendra Lynn said...

That sounds like a totally cool thing, Lauren. :) I like it!
Love you.

Judy said...

Okey dokey - I have to go google that title and see what it means, but let me just say that Noah is looking quite dapper here! What a hottie!