Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Found Photos

Sprint just sent me a text message that they were cancelling my free photo-sharing plan unless I wanted to pay more money, and I could either accept or download everything and bail. Guess what I decided to do? In fairness to Sprint, with my current phone I really don't need to upload anything anymore, because it has a memory card, so I just transfer to my computer. These delightful images are from 2003 and 2004 when I had a regular camera phone, and I haven't seen them in months.

Here's Lauren and Paul at Krispy Kreme. This would be right after we got back from California in late 2003, and I have to say I love Paul's hair. You should grow it out again Paul, it looks good this way.

Here are sweet baby donuts coming down the line for us. Thank you, donuts. You offer joy beyond your stature. I identify with that.

Here are Bigfoot and I at Indy last year.

Here we can see Lauren, recently pregnant, just after her obstetrician borrowed 13 vials of blood. Glowing, or woozy? You decide!

Meanwhile, stay tuned - I just found the pics from my bachelor party.


Judy said...

Ah, yes, the blood vials and the old band aid inside the arm pose. Gee, I miss pregnancy (but not enough to do it again - two times is enough for me!).

Kendra Lynn said...

I'd say you were glowing, Lauren.
As to Judy, missing pregnancy is a thought that NEVER crosses my mind!
Two is plenty enough for me as well.
And my pregnancy with Kelsey was, what shall I say??? Awful? Yeah...that's about it. haha!
Good thing she was the second one.

I love ya both.

Laura said...

Ahh, the memories...I remember the glucose test. Having to drink that AWFUL orange crud and then try not to squirm as an intern poked at my arm. It was all good though, in the end...

And yes, I have to agree with Judy & Kendra--you are glowing Lauren!

Anonymous said...

That was a great night!
I got my buddies back home to Detroit PLUS Krispy Kream.
God, I want some Krispy Kream...

--Intern "The Lion's Mane" Paul