Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Pierogies in Garlic-Tomato Broth

Tonight I really needed a snack. I didn't want to spend money or leave the house to find ingredients. I didn't want to use the stove, either, it's pretty warm tonight. There were three Mrs. T's pierogies in the freezer, an almost-empty jar of minced garlic in the fridge, and a bowl of my own tomatoes on the counter. I chopped a tomato and threw it on the pierogies. I covered that with minced garlic and a blob of olive oil. Salt, pepper, etc and into the microwave covered for five minutes, on high.

Here it is before it went in:

And here's what I got back. It was great - the tomatoes cooked down into a brothy sauce that was perfect with the mashed potatoes in the pierogies, and the garlic made everything as fragrant and garlicky as a Les Blank movie.


Laura said...

Just curious, what kind of pierogies were these? I noticed that Mrs. T's has a selection of choices. For $1.50 a box, I may be tempted to try some. What do they taste like--similar to those giant stuffed shells?

Jonathan said...

The ones I used were potato and cheddar. I like the potato and onion ass well, but they are probably all good. I like them boiled, boiled and then pan fried, and microwaved with a little butter. You can even bake them frozen with tomato sauce like shells or manicotti, they are pretty versatile.

Sauteed onions and sour cream are the traditional, if heavy, accompanyments.

Jonathan said...

Oh, here are recipes. Check out the "Jamaican Spiced Pierogies with Island Dipping Sauce"!

Laura said...

Coolness! Thanks for the recipes. :)