Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Found Photos: Bachelor_Party

OK, because you demanded it I felt like it, here are never-before-seen pictures of my bachelor party, straight from my erstwhile camera-phone. Revel in the debauchery.

Here's my friend Charlie. Since he moved to the coast he pays $250 covers to get into clubs, and his landlord's ashes are on his mantel. He rents from the deceased owner's trust, and for some reason no one ever picked him up. You can't make this stuff up.

Charlie and "Rally-Car" Basch. Fun fact: Basch loves the Mariah Carey Christmas Album actually knows what Bad Religion is singing in an undertone during the chorus in "American Jesus" and can sing along by heart.

Here are Jacob, Joel, Sam and Paul (L-R) at the legendary Carl's Chop House in Detroit.

After dinner we went down to the Greektown Casino, where my brother lost something like $3700 playing "Casino War." Story of his life: win at craps, have one beer, lose it all at casino war. Enter rabbinical school. These guys got this way by 9. Note young Goldy in the middle.

In short, I sent off my single life in style - not with tawdry striptease and consanguine social disease, but with a giant T-bone and large Scotches. Which, oddly enough, is pretty much how I would celebrate anyway. If you wouldn't do it normally, the week before you get married is not the time to start with the strippers.


Judy said...

Ha - totally agree with the last there really ANY good time to get involved with strippers? I mean, REALLY???

Kendra Lynn said...

I'm proud of you, Jonathan! I'm sure that many a marriage has been broken up by some unsuspecting stripper.
I'm happy Lauren got a guy that thought that much of her.

Just for the record, my Scott didn't do the traditional bachelor party either.
Bless his sweet, SMART, heart!

Laura said...

I don't think that my hubby had the traditional bachelor party either. Matter of fact, I'm trying to recall if he had anything at all. I never had a bachlorette party because I was too busy finishing up my undergrad program. We got married two weeks after I graduated.

Jeremy said...

Carl's seems to be the bachelor party hot spot. I went there last fall for a friend's bachelor party, and it was really nice.

However, the evening unfolded into the usual debauchery, which included strippers, drunkeness and public urination (but it was in Windsor, so it was like, what? 30% less debauchery than in the U.S.).

Sorry, guess my friends aren't as classy as you guys.

I felt so guilty after my bachelor party, I told my wife every single detail and had my friends swear they would never mention it again.

Kendra Lynn said...

That's the problem with debauchery...along with the fun comes the guilt.
Its good that you told your wife all the details. At least she knew what went on and didn't find out years later.
Good for you.

Anonymous said...

Another great night!
Didn't you double mine and Daniel's money in one hand of Casino War? I remember losing gobs of money at Roullette. To do it over again, I'd stick to War... :)

-Intern Paul

TMK said...

Whatever on all the soft comments. Just have fun at the bachelor party. The debauchery is part of the tradition. The bachelor (and trusted friends) just need to control things. It can be fun and guilt-free. If one feels that they would be left with guilt, they are self-signaling that they may go too far in these settings. More self-control is the answer gentlemen - you will be in tempting situations all of your married life.

Have a great bachelor party, enjoy the debauchery (and your friends will also appreciate the opportunity to let loose), and be faithful to yourself and your loved one. Then all fun, no guilt.