Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sitting Pretty

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Why in my right mind did I ever register for THE most frilly, THE most happy puppies and giggles and sundaes with a cherry on top high chair in the world I will never know. I think it must have been the pregnancy hormones that emotionally drew me to the only high chair at Babies R' Us that could make my kid look like the Alpena Apple Pie Queen on her throne, riding down Main street on some float. Regardless of the cheesy aesthetics, I really do like the function of this high chair, it works great. The best part is that it's on castors. Simply release the wheel brakes and we are blasting through the house in a game I like to call "Noah's Off-Road High Chair Mobile". It's a lot of fun and one of Noah's favorites. Of course it is also very convienient to wheel the kid right up to the tub and slide him in after a particularly messy meal.'ve gotta love those Fisher-Price people!

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Judy said...

Ohmygoodness - when I first saw this picture, I thought, "What in the WORLD happened to Noah?" Tee hee - it is the chair!

Functionality weighs heavier than aesthetics, though - don't let the fru-fruness of the chair deter you from how wonderful it is - those casters are an excellent idea, and had I not saved Travis' high chair five years ago, I'd run out and get me one! He'll love it and use it for a good long while!