Thursday, June 16, 2005

I have been working out the grill lately

Here's some chicken smoking over a hardwood fire.

At this point the whole block smells like chicken. Yum.

Check out this chicken!

Day 1: I know it's a bad picture (taken with Treo) but check out the smoke ring on the chicken! This is good eating. Note that there is a little carbon - I don't eat it, it's a carcinogen. Flake it off, and the rest is great.

Day 2: Pulled chicken sandwich.

Day 2, Dinner - Grilled a rubbed, very thin steak for 1:30/side to give it a crust. Medium inside, very tasty!

Day 3, lunch: Barbeque ramen! This is original (kosher) ramen noodles, barbequed pulled chicken, sliced grilled steak, hot sauce, and some of the steak rub. This is one of the 5 best things I have eaten so far this year. That good.

Total Cost: <$10
Meals: 4
Smugness level: Disproportionately High

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