Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sanity in the Form of a Caribou

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Friends, we all need them, we all want them. Sanity, we all need some, and some of us need a little more. THANK YOU a BIG THANK YOU to Sarah and Joshua for just knowing how to throw a little sanity into the mix during a long (stay-at-home-mom of a 6 month old who won't nap but will surely cry) week. You can ask Sarah, I call her at least 5 times a day, usually to whimper into the phone something about Noah not sleeping or about baby barf on the new shirt I just put on. She sits there like a true friend and listens, listens to me ramble on about my postpartum war stories; the crazy hormones, the hair falling out, the new places I have fat on my body. It doesn't matte, she just listens and then gives great friend advice. I can't tell you how nice it is to have a friend that you can call up and say "Wow! my kid just took a two tone poop! Isn't that cool"!? And that friend knows...she just knows, exactly what you mean..............................carrots and spinach for dinner.

One of the great things that Sarah, Joshua, Noah and I do to add some sanity and fun into the week is meet up where...but of course! Caribou Coffee! The cool thing is, Sarah came up with the greatest idea. Introducing the Crazy Quilt!!! Yeah, the colors might be a bit, well, shall we say "a little hard on the eyes", but it sure does make Noah happy when you plop him down on it with a Joshua and some toys. Sarah just tacked on 15 minutes to "Mommy's Little Sanity Break". It's really really great. On a good day, Noah will even go 30 minutes+ without getting pissed off at me for making him leave the TV at home.

Sanity is good, but having a wonderful friend that helps to keep you happy and sane is even better. Thanks.

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Judy said...

That is an awesome idea - to take a quilt with you! Looks like they are having a super-de-duper time! Friends always make things more fun!