Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Thanks Judy!

Thanks to this week's HB "biggest fan"...Judy! We really appreciate your great readership. Judy also has a little guy Noah's age. As a Mom, I can appreciate Judy's love of the web even if most chances we get to browse are for what seem like 5 minute naptimes. Thanks again Judy!


Lauren said...

Ps. Judy, I would love to see your site if you are giving it out to more than just family! Hope I didn't scare you, I actually thought you were one of my old girlfriends incognito! Lauren :)

Judy said...

Are you kidding???? I am ALWAYS up to showing off my boys!


I have a site meter (and I'm sure you do, too) and noticed today that my site does get hit with quite a few rr.com people - and it isn't me. So, while I can't vouch for EVERY hit you get, I do click in about 3 times a day (sometimes more if the cable modem crashes) just to see if there's anything new!

By all means, visit my site and see my boys...I have a great one of my youngest in mid-puke stream on the floor from earlier this month in the archives...makes me sooooo proud to be a mom (and makes me wonder how in the world I got that shot!) *wink*.