Monday, March 21, 2005

What A Great Weekend!

What a great weekend we all had! Friday started off with a long walk around the mall with our two new best friends, Sarah and Joshua. Everywhere we go together, Sarah and I always get asked if the boys are twins. I need to take some more pictures and get them posted! Noah and Joshua are just 12 days apart. Joshua is tall and Noah is chubby, but in a way, they do kind of look alike. The two cutest almost twins in the world!

Later that day Noah and I practiced and practiced and practiced rolling over. He's almost got it! He can roll on one side, it's just swinging that top leg up to flip all the way over. I think he would be happy to just lounge on his back at times, but when Noah sees something he really wants to get a hold of, then I can tell he wants to roll.

Later that evening Sarah, her husband Nate (our other new best friend) and Joshua; Jon, Noah and I, all met up for dinner and coffee. I can't tell you how WONDERFUL it feels to get out with friends on a weekend night, even if it's just once in a while.

Saturday was grocery shopping day and then we stopped by Nana's house to say "hello" while we were out. Noah loves to play with his Nana. She sure can get him to laugh! Naoh's favorite thing to do is play at what we call "Nana's Garden". This is a chair covered in floral fabric. When Noah was just a few weeks old, while changing his diaper, we caught him staring at the darker colored flowers. He loves to look at the pattern and swat with his hands. Recently we discovered that with the cushion removed, it is the perfect height for a play table. Noah loves to stand there and play. He is supporting himself! We also stay there to spot him, just in case...

Saturday evening uncle Paul came by for carry out sushi. Yum! Noah went to bet at 7:00 and although pretty nerdy for a Saturday night, I went to bed at 7:30. Jon and Paul at least got to hang out for a while.

Sunday was lots of fun. Bubby and zeyde came to visit! Noah is always thrilled to see them. We really appreciate their frequent trips up to see us, we know we, Noah especially, are much loved! First everyone met up to shop for a brisket that Bubby will make for Passover. Zeyde was kind enough to push Noah in his stroller all around the store while Jonathan and I shopped. After that we had some bagels and coffee together and headed out to do a bit of clothes shopping. Bubby was looking for an outfit to wear to an up coming wedding. THANK YOU Zeyde and Jonathan and Noah for being so kind and patient while the girls had a great time looking at dresses! It was a lot of fun. Eventually, Bubby and I went off on our own while Jon, Zeyde and Noah headed home to play. Noah is now reaching out to touch people's faces and just loved to feel his Zeyde's beard. What a nice Zeyde to let Noah pull on him! I'm sorry that I don't have more pictures from their visit. The lighting was a bit weird, I will be sure to get lots more next time!

On a final note, I am just such a pround Mother, I must tell everyone...Sunday night Noah went to sleep at 7:30 and didn't wake up until 5:30!!! This was the first time he has ever slept 10 hours! We were really proud and REALLY happy! Noah wasn't a good sleeper at all, waking ever three hours until just a week and a half ago. What a great change! Let's hope he keeps going!

Thanks for a great weekend!!!

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