Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I'm Not on Sabbatical

I have just been so busy. I don't post very frequently from my office, and when I am home, obviously the family takes precedence over taking pictures of food and cars. I am also working on a few ventures like some writing projects, a web site collaboration and an importing opportunity. HB will be the first forum for announcing those when they become worth talking about.

That said, writing How Bourgeois has been such an interesting experience so far. The short form writing style of blogging really compliments my ability to be slightly insightful, so it is something that people who know a tiny amount about a large variety of subjects can really run with.

Stay tuned for some pictures of my New Orleans trip, and I am extremely pleased that Gregg Collier of the Redfish Grill was nice enough to email me his cabbage recipe that I enjoyed so much. Their cookbook will not be out until later inthe year, so until then How Bourgeois is the only place to find this great recipe.

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